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I’m between books at the moment so I decided to finally finish reading Grant Morrison’s run on “Doom Patrol”. I read the last two issues last night and I have to say it ranks up there with his work on “Animal Man” and “Seven Soldiers”.

It’s much weirder than his Batman, Superman, and JLA stuff, but it’s still very recognizably a super hero title. Robotman is easily the most likable character, partly because he’s the most relatable (this despite being an actual robot man with a human brain). Morrison allows him to be the voice of sanity in a book that doesn’t feature a lot of sanity. The ‘mature readers’ rating also allows him to curse, which frankly is the only logical reaction to some of the stuff Morrison throws at the team.

As much as I’d like to read more about these characters in their earlier series or the many that came after I just can’t imagine the Doom Patrol without Morrison’s unique brand of craziness. Better to let this 40+ issue run stand on its own as a brilliant work of the comic book medium.

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